The differences between Choices and Reactions

Sometimes I just can’t help but to wonder… What was I put on this planet for? Am I supposed to accomplish some deep
world-changing goal? Maybe impact the lives of millions by inventing a new necessity perhaps. It could also be that
I’m simply just another soul for the rest of the world to compare to their modest existence. Someone here only to add a
variable into the statistics of which others base life upon. Who knows. Whatever the case may be, this meager soul has
decided to stop staring at the stars as life slowly fades. Of course, sky gazing once in a while could never hurt.

There’s an endless amount of possibilities granted to each and every one of us, each and every day we’re alive.
Which of those possibilities turn into our realities is all a matter of choice and reaction. You see, events beyond
our control are bound to happen to each individual on any given day; it’s how a person deals with these events that
decide the fate of their life.

In some cases we’re given a choice – an opportunity to assess the matter at hand. In this case, there are
hundreds of possibilities; each major choice has countless underlying effects. Each and every choice makes a difference
in the outcome of today, tomorrow, and the future. For instance, if you choose to go to college you’re also making a
few other choices appear as well. You choose to live on or off campus, to get a meal card or take up cooking, to get a
job or to do your homework. You’ll have to choose which classes to go to and which of them you’re going to skip. A new
world of choices opens up from just one event, and each one you make – makes you.

In other cases, we’re not given a choice. Certain situations may occur when a decision must be made immediately,
whether it’s in a split second or a matter of minutes. Many people are unequipped to deal with these kind of reaction
events while others thrive in the ‘heat of the moment’ situations. A good example of a reaction event would be perhaps
if someone were to make a provocative comment. You’ll have only a few seconds, if that, to react to that person’s comment
in order to have an effective rebuttal. You can choose to react with your own antagonistic response (probably resulting
in a fight) or you can try to make peace with the matter at hand. You could walk away, look to a peer for support, ignore
the comment, or start talking to someone else in hopes for a topic change.

The choices you make in life are what trains your mind and body for the proper reactions. Pick your choices carefully
and always keep in mind that sometimes you won’t have time to think. Prepare yourself for the worst and the best, that’s
the only way to ensure you’ll have a proper reaction to everything that comes at you in life.


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