F.A.Q for network marketing

This F.A.Q is found on the Oxygen4Energy training website, some good answers to some really great questions.

“Do you need sales experience?”

No. Network marketing offers business ownership without the business headaches. As a network marketing distributor, you can buy products at wholesale cost, while the network marketing company deals with marketing, payroll, etc. Distributors are free to just build and be the marketing arm of the company.

A satisfied customer using word-of-mouth advertising is always the best person to market a product. This kind of advertising is based on relationships and TRUST. You are not simply “selling” a product; you are sharing your story and are describing to others your positive experience with the product and the company.

“Don’t levels of commissions raise the price of the product?”

Often the price of products sold through network marketing is less than prices of similar, traditionally-marketed products because the nature of the network marketing model allows for traditional distribution costs to be cut significantly. In traditional marketing, approximately 85% of the cost of the product is the distribution cost/the cost of getting it to the consumer, while the remaining 15% is manufacturing cost. Traditional companies often reduce manufacturing costs in order to lower their prices, but when manufacturing cost is reduced, the quality of the product can take a hit. In comparison, network marketing is able to focus on reducing distribution costs (as opposed to manufacturing cost) without having to sacrifice product quality.

“Concerned about marketing to friends?”

Don’t be. Why would you feel more comfortable marketing to a stranger? What’s the difference? You don’t feel bad marketing to a stranger because you know you are giving them a good product at a good price. Why not give the same opportunity to your friends and family? They would probably rather give you the business than give it to a stranger.

“Is it better to be hired by a traditional company, or sponsored by a network marketing company?”

In a network marketing company, there is more incentive to work harder for more compensation. Within traditional companies, the owner must minimize employee benefits to maximize his/her own benefits. Traditional business owners will pay their employees just enough to keep the employees working, putting a cap on how much that employee can earn in a year. But, with network marketing, it is in the owner’s interest to help the distributors’ individual businesses become ever more successful. The owner’s success is intertwined with that of all the distributors.

“Know someone who failed?”

There will always be failure in all areas of life, but you cannot look at someone else’s success or lack of success as a determining factor of what you will achieve. Perhaps that person who failed treated their networking marketing business as more of a hobby rather than as a profession.

“Worried about what your friends and family will think?”

Fear of what others will think is one of the top reasons that people don’t achieve financial success. You wouldn’t fear what “true friends” would think or how they would react because “true friends” would encourage you and not discourage you.

Also, network marketing has changed in the last few decades, so don’t let others’ outdated perceptions of the industry dissuade you from doing what you need to do to achieve financial success and time freedom.

“Can I succeed?”

Yes, as long as you constantly seek to improve your skills through practice and education. Continually incorporate new techniques and strategies into your business, regularly reevaluate your methods and do not be afraid to change your approach when you find that something is not working. When you find a particular skill that you are good at, focus on strategies that will showcase that talent. Success requires hard work, and you will either have excuses or you will have results. Don’t sell yourself short or accept living for someone else’s dream simply because you have convinced yourself that success on your terms is impossible.