Facebook Training – Get 20-50 Leads Per Day

Hello everyone, tonight I’m going to be writing an article about how to become famous on Facebook. I watched a training video provided by MLSP and it was so valuable that I just HAVE to share it with you guys. The title is Famous in 60 Days and it teaches you some MAJOR concepts.

How to quickly and easily spin a profitable social web

Sponsor 1-3 reps per week from Facebook in just 45 minutes per day

How to help your team achieve the same results

How to drive 500+ visitors per day to you blog

Ways to increase your value and shift your mindset for success

There’s a simple 4-step plan to implement to get these tasks done. Simple really, you just have to put the time in. First, create a fun and compelling Facebook profile page. Make sure you’ve got a nice smile in your profile picture,  LOOK EXCITED! Next, make yourself a group – make sure your name is in the title. An example of this could be ‘Network Marketing with John Smith’ – just something simple. Third step is to get a fan page going. You may be thinking “A fan page? I don’t have any fans Matt, what do I do?!” Hahah no worries my friend, you will. That’s where the fourth step comes in – adding friends. You’ll want to search for different network marketing groups, MLM groups, money making groups, etc., and find people you may be interested in. Find 10 people every morning, 5 in the afternoon, and another 10 at night. Make sure you send each of these people a small introduction, and ASK THEM QUESTIONS! Start with something simple in your first intro message, such as ‘What do you do for a living?’ or ‘How has the economy affected your life?’ these are GOLDEN questions to get them talking and to show them that you’re actually interested in that person as an individual.

That left sidebar right under your profile picture is an amazing way to advertise your different sites. TELL PEOPLE TO GO TO YOUR BLOG! People are looking for a leader, and that’s exactly what you need to be for them. TELL THEM to go your MLSP page for training, TELL THEM to check out your blog, and TELL THEM to take a tour – all without having to actually tell them. That sidebar is PERFECT to get traffic to your sites.

When you’re talking to your new friends, always remember that there are certain topics to avoid, and beneficial topics to talk about.

Topics to avoid:



How much money you’ve made

How great your product or company is

How you can change their life

PEOPLE DON’T CARE! They want to feel special, not used.

Topics to talk about:

Find something in common – search their page

Ask them questions – how do you get your leads? CARE ABOUT THE ANSWER

Provide value – tell them something they may not know

The trick is to show people that you care. PEOPLE DON’T JOIN BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES, THEY JOIN PEOPLE. Always remember that and ALWAYS be increasing your value. I just learned all of this information in great detail from watching this video. Take a look – I recommend skipping 7 minutes into it unless you’d like to hear some info about MLSP.

To your success,

Matt Broderick

P.S. Seriously, if you havn’t had the chance to get into the MLSP system, it is THE MOST IMPORTANT tool you will ever have.


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