Free Marketing Strategies

Free Marketing Strategies

Hey everyone, Matt Broderick here with a few free marketing strategies that you can use to immediately start generating leads. After watching another training video provided by MLSP, I decided to throw up a short list of different ways you can generate leads. Nothing special here, just a quick reminder of just a few of the possible ways you can boost your income.

Call a business and recruit their manager

Reverse prospecting – Let people pitch you, then recruit them

Throw up a few ‘yard signs’ across nearby towns with your opportunity

Go out to some meet-up groups to connect with people locally

Go to events as a public speaker

Get on a radio talk show

Make a short infomercial – more effective than you think, but costly

‘Fish bowl prospecting’ – talk to anyone around you, give em business cards

Affinity group marketing – recruit a leader into your downline

Direct mail – time consuming and somewhat costly, but effective

Audio/video passout – make a media presentation to give out to people

Craigslist – Huge advertising site, plus adds to your backlinks! EFFECTIVE!

Job resume sites – find people already looking for a new income


Hopefully these give you an idea on where to start and how to go about getting your opportunity in front of people. Generating leads is the biggest problem for  most network marketers – become a professional so you don’t have to worry about it. You’ll generate leads calling you all day and night, making money on autopilot. That’s just a few of the free marketing strategies,  blend old school and online marketing for mega success!

Best regards,

Matt Broderick


2 thoughts on “Free Marketing Strategies

  1. Matt,

    Great tips here.

    I think that working as a speaker and recruiting leaders are my two favorite things.

    Direct mail is also very effective.

    This is a great post here. Thanks for sharing. BTW, I found your blog from David Wood’s blog. This is my first time here. Keep up the good work.


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