MLM Prospecting – Prospect Leads

MLM Prospecting – Prospect Leads

Hello again everybody, here’s a simple, effective guide to finding and closing leads in person. Now of course you’ll have to find some leads to begin with, right? Well, that’s the easy part. There’s plenty of prime leads to prospect around your neighborhood – no, not your family and friends (not that prospecting family and friends is bad, it’s just not my cup of tea). You can go to a cafe, a little coffee shop like a Starbucks or something. Go in there, put a couple business cards on the table you’re sitting at (sit near people) and start calling your online leads in front of people. This way, you’ll be warmed up and the people around you will get an idea of what you’re doing. Ask them if they heard you talking at all, hand em a business card, and step out.  You can go to a concert to prospect leads – yeah, a concert. You might be asking yourself how you can possibly find leads at a concert – it’s much easier than you think. Find people who you look like you can relate to, find out what they do for a living, tell them that you make money on the internet, and give em a business card – go to the next person. You already have the same taste in music, so there’s already a connect there with every person around you. You can go to meet-ups in the area and connect with current network marketers – this is really your prime target in the first place. Network marketers are already sold on the idea of making money online, so all you have to do is provide them value (sheer friendliness is HUGE value, but you should always tell them about MLSP trainings) and BOOM you’ve got yourself a lead to prospect. My personal favorite is to go hiking on popular trails – of course on nice days when others will be out there. Today I got 3 prospects that I introduced my primary company to just by enjoying a nice relaxing hike. Now, my primary company is Oxygen4Energy, so hikers are potentially a new customer for me.

Okay, now that you’re in whatever area you’re prospecting, you’re going to have to figure out a way to get some conversions . First of all, just like when you meet anyone else in the world, first impressions are KEY. You’re going to want to politely introduce yourself in a casual manner – Hey there, my name’s Matt, how’s it going? You’ll always want to start off with a question, YOU control what goes through the other person’s mind. If they say good, get excited and tell them that’s great and ask what they’re doing to make them happy. If they sound miserable, ask them what’s wrong. Just be generally friendly and show an interest in them as a person. Tell them a short story relevant to their situation where you were in pain (physical or emotion) and then switch it to something positive. “My dog was run over when I was a child, it was the worst time in my life”  to  “After that though, I ended up finding the love of my life, and I’ve never been happier!” This is powerful stuff here guys, just remember to be relevant to their situation. Once you’ve made a sincere connection, let them know that you make money online and you KNOW that they’d be perfect for it. Don’t give them too much detail, just the basic concept of using the internet to leverage an MLM. Give them a way to contact you – be it a phone number, e-mail address, or your MLSP custom capture page.

Once a connection is made and contact details are exchanged, you’ll want to make an exit – unless your really interested in that person. Simply let them know that it’s your pleasure to connect with them, and schedule a time for you to do a follow-up with them. Reassure them that you look forward to working with them, and that you can’t wait to see them rise to the top.

Some MLM prospecting tips:

Always be friendly and positive – be excited and get them excited.

If they’re not into it and you can tell, just hand them a business card and close. Don’t be rude, but let them know that you’re only interested in working with people who are serious – let them know to call you when they are.

Tell your leads that you’re busy prospecting leads and can’t talk all day. You’ll notice that if they’re interested they’ll try to keep you talking and get more information. Great way to tell if they’re serious.

Use the MLSP funded proposal – people are much more willing to join your primary company if they’ve already bought something from you, especially if they bought huge value training for themselves.

Lastly, always be confident and provide value while prospecting leads. You know that these techniques work,  you’ve seen hundred of testimonials and may have already had some success yourself. BE CONFIDENT and stick with it.

Alrighty, that’s all for now folks, feel free to request specific training. If I don’t know something that you ask, I WILL learn it and teach you. Now go prospect some leads and HAVE FUN!

See you at the top my friends,

Matt Broderick


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