IBO ToolBox – A Social Networking Powerhouse

Good morning everyone! Matt Broderick here and it’s 10:38 am here in NY. This is going to be a short post for you all to introduce to you to IBO Toolbox. This website is FREE to join, and will multiply your efforts 5X – instant traffic. When you first register for this site and login, you’ll be brought to the homepage dashboard. Here, you can post on an ad on the wall (kind of like Twitter) for everyone who is on the site to see. You can post continuously all day long if you’d like to, it’s something like 2 posts a minute – it’ll tell you that you’re posting too rapidly if you are. This site gets tens of thousands of views from outside sources per day, so it really does allow you to blast your message to a lot of people. You can also buy PPC ads there, $10 for 5,000 impressions – choose to send them out at different speeds (I choose very slow so that they run for a day or 2 and the same people don’t see the same ads over and over). A major part of this website is that it allows you to create an advanced profile, and link your profile to all of your social media and bookmarking sites. The more you use it, the more traffic you’ll get to your sites – powerful stuff. What I like best about this site is that when you post a blog, it sends it out to 5 or 6 other popular websites to increase your exposure. You don’t have to do anything, just post your blog, insert keywords and a url to your original wordpress blog post, and badabing badaboo, traffic!

I Hope you all enjoy IBO Social as much as I do, the people who are on there are incredibly friendly – they call it the IBO spirit – and they’ll share your posts on their social media websites. Very effect, very fun, and very much so worth adding to your resources. Remember it’s free to join, so there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be implementing this tool on a daily basis!


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