Marketing Training, Sales Funnels, and an Active Community to Build Your Business

My Lead System Pro – Marketing Training, Sales Funnel, and an Active Community to Build Your Business

Marketing Training to Build Your Business Using My Lead System Pro

My top priority on this blog is to provide quality marketing training in order to help you to build your business. The only way that I can guarantee your success is if you actually invest your time in learning the things that I do. If you take away ANYTHING from this blog, it would be My Lead System Pro. This community of leaders has single handedly turn my debt into profit and I promise that if you are having trouble trying to build your business that these guys WILL help you beyond your wildest expectations.

My Lead System Pro is hands down the BEST marketing system out there. Yeah, I know, you’ve heard this before am I right? Well listen, this is different. I’ve spent hundreds if not a couple of thousand dollars trying to find quality leads and customers. Don’t get me wrong – I got traffic, but the traffic I got wasn’t turning into profit and the leads were completely unqualified. The downline that I build for myself wasn’t growing and I was spending more money to sign people up than I was actually making. Not cool.

This is where MLSP (My Lead System Pro) comes in. Since I was spending money anyway, I figured a $10 trial would be worth the training, especially considering they have a money-back guarantee. I got in the members area and right off the bat they have step by step videos for you to get introduced to the system and to get it set up. They give you a page of affiliate sites to join for free that will help you grow your business as well as draw in profits from your downline – who will also join free and use the sites to profit. Most affiliate sites provide useless content and software downloads, but these guys provide domain hosting, autoresponders, E-books, and whatever you would actually be using to build your business.

This system is a complete sales funnel that will make you money from the people that say NO to your primary company. It will convert all of your leads into paying customers by providing free training videos and weekly webinars and guiding them through a sales funnel filled with value. This funnel is 100% customizable as well, IF you want to personalize it and brand yourself. These guys really have all grounds covered when it comes to building your business – they even do personal follow-ups with your leads for you!

Allow yourself to provide value to the market and build your business

This site has empowering training all over it, which gives you the ability to bring some value into the marketplace. They really do provide all of the tools that you need in order to start making profits both in your business as well as on the side. The best part is, they allow you to give away these training videos for FREE to any prospects that you can find. With different capture pages for each unique marketing training, you have infinite options to drive traffic to. The programs they have setup for you are just mind-blowing, and it’s made in a way so that even if someone says NO to your primary business, you can still make a profit off them.

The team of leaders on this website is astounding – I mean really, the top of the top of network marketers ALL use this system. They have leadership boards and mastermind teams for rising stars to get together and help each other. Every Wednesday, they have a training webinar with different leaders and rising stars from across the world. HUGE value in every single one of these webinars and they are FREE even to guests.

Honestly, just check these guys out at My Lead System Pro. You’ll be glad you did – I promise.


Matt Broderick

P.S. They do provide plenty of free training and affiliate connections there for non-members, so even if you are flat broke you should be going to this site. My lead System Pro has a 2-week trial for you to check it out and see if they can help you build your business. It’s just 10 bucks and they offer a 100% refund if you don’t want to continue using their services – no questions asked. Just click here and be ready to get blown away.


How To Make Money In Your Business

How To Make Money In YOUR Business

Learn How To Make Money In Your Business With MLSP

If you want to learn how to make money in your business, TODAY, whatever company you are in right now does NOT matter. The “Gurus” are always trying to sell you on how good their compensation plan in and how good their capture pages are. They even go as far as to “guarentee” you’ll be rich overnight…

Let me make this perfectly clear.

It doesn’t matter how good the compensation plan is if you never have any customers.I’ll rephrase that for you:

If you can’t drive traffic to your site and convert that traffic into leads AND THEN convert those leads into sales and sign-ups;

You’ll spend every last dime thinking that the next ad you put
out will make you rich, just like the guru said ….Nope. You’ll just be DEAD BROKE.

Without having the knowledge and training of the top leaders in the industry, you will never be apart of that top 3%. You will only succeed and truly understand how to make money in your business by selling YOURSELF and leading with VALUE.

Allow me to explain.

As an online marketer, the majority of the people you’re trying to sell to are ALSO in the marketing profession. You’re trying to sell a product to someone who at the same time is looking to sell their product to you. How does that work?


However, in that same situation if you were to CONNECT with that person and help them achieve their goal, you’ve become someone they look to for advice. Now, when they’re looking to buy into a new program, who do you think they’re going to sign-up under?


By leading with value instead of a sales pitch, you become the guru to that person and to everyone who may have seen a shared post or two. Who do people buy from? The guru. You have the opportunity to help other people succeed as well as multiply your bank account.

Sound good?

If you want to learn how to make money in your business, you have got to increase your value. You have to invest in yourself and share your knowledge with others, only then will you see your bank account grow.

“The size of your bank account directly correlates with the amount of value that you put into the market”

You may be asking,”How do I increase my value?”

$10 RISK-FREE TRIAL to learn how to make money in YOUR business

GREAT question, that means you’re willing to put in the time and effort to be successful.You’re about to take the first step into your new life and I promise, this is LIFE CHANGING.

I’d like to take the time right now to introduce you to MLSP (My Lead System Pro). Every Wednesday for about 4 years now, they hold a live Webinar training with an assortment of top earners from every company. They also have a ‘Morning Wakeup Call’ to jump-start your day and keep you motivated.

They have an extensive training library collected over
the course of nearly 4 years, everything you can possibly learn about marketing, prospecting, and generating leads, you can learn it here.

They hold LIVE TRAINING EVENTS all the time – the ONLY way to essentially get rich overnight. Each one of these events sells out without fail; Live The Dream 3 is just around the corner!

As part of the MLSP community, there is ALWAYS someone around to give you a hand. We are dedicated to helping eachother succeed so that each person can individually have an impact on the world. With top earners from EVERY company around the globe, this is a place to really
mastermind with people and become an expert on how to make money in your business.

MLSP also provides thousands of completely customizable capture pages and free training videos to share with your leads and your downline. They offer the use of free premade auto-responders, and also teach you step-by-step how to build your own.

The best part is that everything can be personalized and tailored to brand YOU as a leader. MLSP teaches how to get leads to find you, instead of paying for advertisements that don’t even convert to sales.

Does this sound good to you?
Do you think this is something that could help make money in your business?
Are you ready to invest in YOURSELF and start providing VALUE to your leads?

Here’s the kicker.

You get all of this and more for 2 weeks, and if you don’t think that it’s right for you for ANY reason, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, MLSP will give you a 100% refund. Plus you get the keep the training DVD they send you.

Did I mention that this 2-week money-back guarantee is just $10?

Do yourself a favor. Seriously. Take advantage of this offer while it still stands. Just last year the trial was $1, and due to so many people joining up they had to raise it. If you are tired of being broke and want to learn exactly how to make money in your business, here is your


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Sign-up to MLSP now and you can start learning how to make money in your business starting TONIGHT!

Click Here to register for the Free Weekly Webinar. There are member’s only trainings each week as well, so that is something else to consider. I honestly believe that this WILL change your life for the better, and there is NO RISK WHATSOEVER.

To the TOP my friends!

Matt Broderick

Attraction Marketing Coach

Sports Oxygen Shop Is Online

Sports Oxygen

Can I buy sports oxygen online?

Sports oxygen usage is a long-time practice. Even the Air Force use the pilot’s oxygen tanks to relieve hangovers after a long night. Before January 1, 2010 the common person needed a medical prescription in order to obtain oxygen. Thankfully, that is no longer the case! Recreational sports oxygen is now widely available in the United States. Over 70 professional athletes endorse this sports oxygen and hangover cure – more than Red-Bull and 5-Hour Energy COMBINED. 

Sports oxygen has been allowed in UFC fights, NFL and NBA games, Tennis matches, pro-cycling tours, you name it! If endurance, stamina, lactic acid, or heavy lifting is involved, SPORTS OXYGEN has the solution!

Get the edge on your competition – buy sports oxygen online from and you’ll get FREE SHIPPING on your first 2-pack. For more information, just head to the site and go to product information.

If you are an entrepreneur and would like to make money selling sports oxygen online and offline, take the tour and get started with one of the 4 fast-start packs. You could see your first PROFIT within a few hours!

If you need help generating leads in your own business and/or do not wish to sell sports oxygen online, check out this FREE training webinar.

6 SEO Secrets to Network Marketing

6 search engine optimization Secrets TO NETWORK MARKETING
6 SEO Secrets to boost your Network Marketing efforts

pure and simple everyone, there’s 6 (SEO) search engine optimization secrets in network marketing that if acknowledged and implemented WILL boost your SEO rankings on The search engine giants. I’m just going to dive right into this for you all, just remember; follow these 6 web optimization secrets and you can’t go wrong with network marketing

SEO Secrets Number 1: Patients

You MUST have patients! When you first get started with network marketing, you’ll be signing up for a bunch of social media websites, safelisting websites, autoresponders and sales funnels; all while learning about your primary network marketing company. You’ve got to have patients to persevere through this preliminary setup!

SEO Secrets Number 2: Massive Action

It doesn’t matter if your blog looks like crap and hardly has any content on it – if you want to be prosperous in network marketing, you’ll need to take massive action to get your website popularity! Send out every post you have to every social network marketing website achievable (instant if you set them all up using wordpress – leverage baby!) and you’ll start seeing results over time.

SEO Secrets Number 3: dependability

You’re accomplishing yourself no good whatsoever if you post for 2 weeks and then quit for 2 weeks – consistency is crucial! Do yourself a favor, if you want to grow to be a network marketing master, write a new article each an every day for the next 100 days. Read or watch a training manual for network marketing each day and write a blog about it! Learn while you grow and you WILL be prosperous!

SEO Secrets Number 4: Relevance

creating website visitors is useless if you’re directing them to articles they arn’t enthusiastic about. When you write an article, make sure that you focus on only one or 2 aimed key terms – search engine ranking for these specialized keywords is a main component for being successful.

SEO Secrets Number 5: Exposure

GET SEEN! Make sure you post about your new article all over the web when you post it. Network marketing means communicating with people, and that’s how you get popularity. Tell everyone on your network in your social media websites about your blog – ask them to let people know!

SEO Secrets Number 6: Leverage

Use every useful resource you can find to get yourself some leverage in network marketing. If you get an e-mail telling you they’ll give you 50,000 e-mail credits to become a member of their safelist for free, do it! Have 2 e-mail acounts setup so that you don’t have to get all the e-mails, and then just use those initial credits to advertise your new blog post or your MLSP campaign! Put the internet to work for you, leverage everything you can find to get success with network marketing using these 6 SEO secrets.
Have FUN Network Marketing using these SEO Secrets!

Oxygen4Energy – AWESOME new commercial!


Check out Oxygen4Energy‘s new commercial! If you’re already an O4E rep, I KNOW you love this; for those of you out there who are on the fence with this one, I STRONGLY recommend that you join TONIGHT before we have our next business overview call (TOMORROW – 10/18/11). Check this out everyone, I’m not only saying this as an Oxygen4Energy rep either, this is legitimately a well-made commercial!

If you’d like to take the wonderful tour of Oxygen4Energy, Click Here and throw in your e-mail address – no worries, it only goes to me and I promise I won’t spam you or sell your address. Things are really starting to move since Oxygen4Energy updated their website and upgraded all the homepage options for Distributors!

If you want to learn more about what Oxygen4Energy is doing for it’s distributors, get on our Conference Call tomorrow night!
Date: Wednesday Oct 19th
Time: 9 pm EST
Conf Call #: 712-432-3066
Access code: 970467

Hope to see you on the call!

P.S. Whether you’re new to marketing or just getting started with Oxygen4Energy, MLSP is going to be a HUGE part of your success while you’re internet marketing. PEACE!

IBO ToolBox – A Social Networking Powerhouse

Good morning everyone! Matt Broderick here and it’s 10:38 am here in NY. This is going to be a short post for you all to introduce to you to IBO Toolbox. This website is FREE to join, and will multiply your efforts 5X – instant traffic. When you first register for this site and login, you’ll be brought to the homepage dashboard. Here, you can post on an ad on the wall (kind of like Twitter) for everyone who is on the site to see. You can post continuously all day long if you’d like to, it’s something like 2 posts a minute – it’ll tell you that you’re posting too rapidly if you are. This site gets tens of thousands of views from outside sources per day, so it really does allow you to blast your message to a lot of people. You can also buy PPC ads there, $10 for 5,000 impressions – choose to send them out at different speeds (I choose very slow so that they run for a day or 2 and the same people don’t see the same ads over and over). A major part of this website is that it allows you to create an advanced profile, and link your profile to all of your social media and bookmarking sites. The more you use it, the more traffic you’ll get to your sites – powerful stuff. What I like best about this site is that when you post a blog, it sends it out to 5 or 6 other popular websites to increase your exposure. You don’t have to do anything, just post your blog, insert keywords and a url to your original wordpress blog post, and badabing badaboo, traffic!

I Hope you all enjoy IBO Social as much as I do, the people who are on there are incredibly friendly – they call it the IBO spirit – and they’ll share your posts on their social media websites. Very effect, very fun, and very much so worth adding to your resources. Remember it’s free to join, so there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be implementing this tool on a daily basis!

Facebook Training – Get 20-50 Leads Per Day

Hello everyone, tonight I’m going to be writing an article about how to become famous on Facebook. I watched a training video provided by MLSP and it was so valuable that I just HAVE to share it with you guys. The title is Famous in 60 Days and it teaches you some MAJOR concepts.

How to quickly and easily spin a profitable social web

Sponsor 1-3 reps per week from Facebook in just 45 minutes per day

How to help your team achieve the same results

How to drive 500+ visitors per day to you blog

Ways to increase your value and shift your mindset for success

There’s a simple 4-step plan to implement to get these tasks done. Simple really, you just have to put the time in. First, create a fun and compelling Facebook profile page. Make sure you’ve got a nice smile in your profile picture,  LOOK EXCITED! Next, make yourself a group – make sure your name is in the title. An example of this could be ‘Network Marketing with John Smith’ – just something simple. Third step is to get a fan page going. You may be thinking “A fan page? I don’t have any fans Matt, what do I do?!” Hahah no worries my friend, you will. That’s where the fourth step comes in – adding friends. You’ll want to search for different network marketing groups, MLM groups, money making groups, etc., and find people you may be interested in. Find 10 people every morning, 5 in the afternoon, and another 10 at night. Make sure you send each of these people a small introduction, and ASK THEM QUESTIONS! Start with something simple in your first intro message, such as ‘What do you do for a living?’ or ‘How has the economy affected your life?’ these are GOLDEN questions to get them talking and to show them that you’re actually interested in that person as an individual.

That left sidebar right under your profile picture is an amazing way to advertise your different sites. TELL PEOPLE TO GO TO YOUR BLOG! People are looking for a leader, and that’s exactly what you need to be for them. TELL THEM to go your MLSP page for training, TELL THEM to check out your blog, and TELL THEM to take a tour – all without having to actually tell them. That sidebar is PERFECT to get traffic to your sites.

When you’re talking to your new friends, always remember that there are certain topics to avoid, and beneficial topics to talk about.

Topics to avoid:



How much money you’ve made

How great your product or company is

How you can change their life

PEOPLE DON’T CARE! They want to feel special, not used.

Topics to talk about:

Find something in common – search their page

Ask them questions – how do you get your leads? CARE ABOUT THE ANSWER

Provide value – tell them something they may not know

The trick is to show people that you care. PEOPLE DON’T JOIN BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES, THEY JOIN PEOPLE. Always remember that and ALWAYS be increasing your value. I just learned all of this information in great detail from watching this video. Take a look – I recommend skipping 7 minutes into it unless you’d like to hear some info about MLSP.

To your success,

Matt Broderick

P.S. Seriously, if you havn’t had the chance to get into the MLSP system, it is THE MOST IMPORTANT tool you will ever have.

MLSP – Yes, you need this!

MLSP is hands down the BEST marketing system out there. Yeah, I know, you’ve heard this before am I right? Well listen, this is different. I’ve spent hundred of dollars trying to get my website out there, and don’t get me wrong – I got traffic. The problem I’ve had is CONVERTING. This is where MLSP (MLM Lead System Pro) comes in. This system is a complete sales funnel that will be getting leads to call you, BEGGING to join your business. Seriously.

This site has empowering training all over it, which gives YOU the value that you need in order to start making profits. The best part is, they let you give away this training for FREE to any prospects that you can find. The affiliate programs they have setup for you are just mind-blowing, and it’s made in a way so that even if someone says NO to your primary business, you can still make a profit off them.

The team of leaders on this website is astounding – I mean really, the top of the top of network marketers ALL use this system. Every Wednesday, they have a training webinar with different leaders from across the world. HUGE value in every single one of these webinars.

Honestly, just check this site out, you’ll be glad you did.

To your success,

Matt Broderick

Free Network Marketing Training

Hey guys, just wanted to share with you a few of the BEST Free Network Marketing Trainings on the net today.  These videos are recordings of network marketing training seminars that leaders paid hundreds of dollars to participate in. I’m giving them to you for free, take advantage of the information provided in these tutorials and you will undoubtedly increase your results.

Live the Dream DVD:

Mike Dillard, Todd Falcone, Daegan Smith, Tracey Waker, David Wood,  Norbert Orlewiez, and Brian Fanale – The top most successful Network Marketing professionals to date got together in Vegas to do a seminar. This DVD is JAM PACKED with incredible value. You HAVE to see this. There was also a second event in Cancun, Mexico which produced an additional 5 training videos.  Click here to pick these Network Marketing Training videos for FREE.

Master Sponsoring Series:

Ray personally sponsored 28 people into his primary company in  just 21 days ($500 minimum buy-in) with his best month making $52,000 in residual income. He has won cruises, vacations, and a $100,000 car all thanks to this ONE skill-set he has mastered.

Traffic Graviator:

Get ranked on the first page of google in 72 hours or less, driving 50,000+ Laser-targeted buyers to your site every month, and boost your recruiting and sales by 300% or more! Most SEO companies charge THOUSANDS for these results, and you’re getting them now for FREE!

Tribal Syndication Domination:

Get thousands of free visitors to your site and quadruple your affiliate sales in less than 100 days. Learn how to build over 2,000 back-links with ZERO effort – very effective network marketing training.


I hope you get a chance to go through each of these FREE network marketing training seminars. If you’re looking for ways to learn how to become an effective and profitable network marketer, these videos are like gold – free gold 😉

To your success,

Matt Broderick

Oxygen Supplement – Best pre workout during/post workout enhancer

Best Pre Workout During Workout and Post workout enhancer

Best Pre/During/Post Workout Enhancer

If you’re anything like I am, you’d do just about anything to supplement oxygen into your system during a tough workout. Heavy breathing, lactic acid eating away at you, and worst of all the inability to keep going – all caused in large part due to a lack of oxygen. With an oxygen pre workout supplement, you have the ability to train harder, longer, and recover faster than you would ever think possible.

The solution? Pick up an oxygen supplement called Tru02 95% Pure Oxygen Enriched Air created by Oxygen4Energy. Oxygen4Energy was founded in 2008 as an ecommerce company marketing portable oxygen products mainly to the sports and fitness industries. After 2 years of creating a demand for this new product category, Oxygen4Energy joined forces with Jeff Perlmutter, the man responsible for pioneering the booming industry we know as Paintball.

After leaving the paintball industry, Perlmutter started a new company manufacturing a portable oxygen product that quickly became Oxygen4Energy’s best seller. Perlmutter and Oxygen4Energy founder, Craig Inaba, both agreed that Network Marketing would be the best platform to explode the portable oxygen industry, and officially launched their program in January of 2011.

What’s in a can of oxygen?

Up to 50 shots of 95% Oxygen Enriched Air

Convenient sized, lightweight can

Easy to Use

Approx. 4 liters of oxygen enriched air

Diameter = 1 1/4″

Height = 6 1/2″

Weight: 1.6 oz

GET A SAMPLE 2-PACK for just $19.90 with free shipping to try it out and see how beneficial this oxygen supplement can be to your training routine.

Looking to make some extra cash by becoming a distributor? Get started for under $100 – includes product and promotional materials – take the FREE TOUR to learn more about this oxygen supplement and get started seeing profits today. Don’t worry, if you need help you can always come to me!