How To Connect With Leads

How To Connect With Leads

How To Connect With Your Leads The RIGHT Way

After you setup your opt-in pages and start to get some traffic going to it, you’re starting on the right path to making some money. As that traffic starts converting into leads, the next step is to follow-up with them. If they enter in a phone number, make sure that you call them! The people who opt-in for a phone call are the BEST leads that you could ask for. If they only enter their E-mail that’s alright, the concept of how to connect with leads is the same. Building relationships is a KEY component necessary making money online.

Do I just connect with leads using a sales pitch?

ABSOULTELY NOT! You’re going to want to introduce yourself, NOT your business. Learn about who they are by asking them questions and find out more about their background. You’ll want to know how much experience they have in marketing, their past job experiences, their family if they’re married (people love talking about their kids), and anything else that comes to mind. You want to find out about how committed they are and what resources they have to work with.

Ressonate with their personality

This one is a big one. If the person you’re talking to is quiet and talks slowly, try to match their tone. When they’re upbeat and energetic, not only is it a good sign for a lead, but it gives you the chance to be upbeat and optimistic – HUGE when it comes to closing sales. The main goal is to CONNECT with leads and be on the same page as them so to speak.

Don’t ask ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions

If someone asks you perhaps “Do you like any sports?”, you could respond by telling them that you played ball in highschool or you have a friend who plays. Just don’t say ‘yeah, I like sports’ and leave it hanging there. Remember, we’re trying to really connect with leads so you want them to get to know you as well.

When you talk with your leads you want to listen to them about 80% of the time. STOP trying to sell your product or service right off the bat. What would you do if you answered the phone and had someone on the other line trying to sell you something? If it were me, I’d have fun an entertain it for a while asking questions, and then I’d hang up. I’m not going to buy something from a ‘salesman’ if I’m not out at the market looking for one. If you call someone’s home, don’t be a jerk – just talk to them and get the business later.

Make a video introduction for your capture page

I can guarantee that your conversion rates will go up if you do this. People like to know who they’re buying from, and more importantly who is calling them. By making a video to introduce yourself, you can connect with leads before you call them – or they call you. This is more POWERFUL than I can possibly explain to you. This is a relationship building profession, so that is exactly what you want to do.

If you connect with a lead that is already pumped up and ready to join a business on the spot, feel free to go ahead and get them started in your company. If they’re just getting started in the network marketing community, you’ll want to have them get started with the MLSP Marketing Bootcamp. For those of you unfamiliar with MLSP, they offer a $10 2-week trial with a money-back guarantee no questions asked. Perfect to reommend in order to help you connect with leads and build a trusting relationship.